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Basement Dehumidifiers & Crawlspace Dehumidifiers 

Homes have been described as having six (6) sides: four (4) walls; a roof; and one (1) basement floor. It is natural for the basement to be damp, sometimes we must create a new environment to thoroughly dry it. Some of the biggest complaints homeowners have are damp floors and basement humidity. Even though moisture is stopped by our Water Trek Aqua Route®, Floor Grate, and Water Grabber® Bulldog systems, dampness can still occur due to the temperature difference between the sub floor and basic humidity levels of the air. In order to control humidity, we have developed a line of patented basement dehumidifiers and crawl space dehumidifier systems to keep your home dry and mold-free.

    Basement Dehumidifier

    High levels of humidity can lead to the proliferation of mold and mildew which can be a risk to your family's health and decrease the value of your property. Because of this, it is necessary to have a basement dehumidifier system installed. Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a cheap off-the-shelf basement dehumidifier thinking this will take care of their problems. However, with basement dehumidifiers, you get what you pay for. To remedy this we have created our own patented basement dehumidification systems, custom tailored to deal with any basement moisture problem.

      Crawl Space Dehumidifier

      In order to have a properly waterproofed crawlspace, not only must you keep outside air from getting into it, and crawlspace moisture from getting into your house, but you must also properly dehumidify the air from within the encapsulated space. For this, we have developed a line of custom crawlspace dehumidifier systems for this very problem. With one of our dehumidifers such as the Humid-Evac® in place, your wet crawlspace air will no longer be a problem.

        Dehumidification Products

        Our revolutionary new basement dehumidifiers and crawl space dehumidifiers, the Humid-Evac®, BonAire, and Air Mop® 2 deal with humidity and condensation issues by drying under the slab before the moisture enters. Basements are similar to a cave, they are below ground level and are conducive to a damp, wet environment and need proper dehumidification to deal with these issues. Independent studies show that up to 80% of moisture in basements originates from under the floor, and if the source of the dampness is addressed, 80% of the problem is eliminated. With a basement dehumidifier installed the condensation should cease due to the temperature equilibrium and moisture extraction. Contact us today to find out about getting our basement dehumidifiers set up in your home.

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