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Basement Mold Remediation & Mildew Remediation 

A wet or damp basement is a breeding ground for mold. Mold develops within the first 24-48 hours of contact with water. Mold can reproduce rapidly unless steps are taken to dry your basement. If left to multiply, you will find mold growing on your walls and ceilings and will begin to notice a musty odor. 

Mold takes many forms – usually a black stain (which is black mold) on sheetrock walls (which can be very dangerous to your health).

The most important thing in a wet or damp basement is to eliminate the source of the water. The source of the water infiltration must be identified and dealt with immediately. We cannot arrest the mold growth itself – but by eliminating the water infiltration, we eliminate the introduction of mold and mildew during the next rain storm.

The most important thing is to install a basement waterproofing system which will stop the water from infiltrating and thus stop the building materials from becoming damp. This, in turn, will prevent the proliferation of mold and mildew.

Multiplying mold spores can spread throughout the entire home. This will cause allergic reactions, asthmatic episodes, infections and other respiratory problems. Repeated exposure to mold can permanently injure the nasal passages, eyes, nose, throat and nervous system. Infants, children and the elderly are the most susceptible and are therefore, at the greatest risk for developing serious health problems.

The first thing to do is to eliminate the water in the basement.  The next step is to remove all of the mold from the walls. In most cases, the sheetrock and studs will need to be removed. The final step is to treat the air in the basement environment. The basement is like a cave. In a subterranean environment (like a cave), dampness and humidity are rampant. Bullseye Basement Technologies has several options that are available:

Treat the sub-slab/sub-floor area by eliminating water and moisture utilizing the Water Trek Aqua Route® sub-floor system and the Humid-Evac®.  Experts state that by eliminating the dampness underneath, in conjunction with an efficient basement waterproofing system, you will eliminate 80% of the humidity and condensation that can lead to mold growth.

Dehumidification of the existing air in the basement is also an important element. Eliminating the dampness under the floor is important. However, as the other walls are still underground, dampness and humidity can still be a factor. Dehumidification is crucial and an Air Mop II installed with a condensate pump (pumping the water out to the exterior) is an important element in the treatment of the basement environment air – to keep it dry.

Air exchange is also a significant factor. In the “whole-house effect”, air normally travels upwards through the rafters and vents. Reversing this air flow can be an important element in changing the mechanics of a damp basement. The Bon Aire is an excellent tool to use here.

Mold is a natural organism; however, in your home it can be toxic. Do not allow your wet or damp basement to continue to produce mold. Preventative measures are the only way to protect your family from the harmful effects of mold. Basement Technologies developed the best methods to stop mold growth - by eliminating the source of the water and treating the factors that contribute to mold growth. If you clean up the mold and don’t fix your moisture problem, the mold will return. Utilizing Basement Technologies Water Trek, Water Grabber®, “HUMID-EVAC®”, Air Mop® II and Bon Aire is the best way to get rid of mold and prevent it from ever returning

Dust mites are microscopic cousins of the tick and spider and feed on dead skin cells and thrive in places like mattresses, pillows, bedcovers, carpets, stuffed toys, furniture, and clothes. The waste produced by dust mites is one of the top factors in causing asthma and allergies.  Multiplying tenfold daily, dust mites may seem like a problem that is impossible to tackle. However, if you do not defend against dust mites you are leaving yourself in harms way.

Dust mites are unable to ingest water and instead absorb it from the air. Dust mites thrive in humid environments and populations fluctuate with the seasons. If your basement is wet or damp, it becomes the perfect environment for dust mites to reproduce. A single dust mite can lay up to 100 eggs and your problem can spiral out of control.

Bullseye Basement Technologies can kill your dust mites. Lowering humidity below 60% will dehydrate dust mites and eliminate the population. Basement Technologies Water Trek, Water Grabber®, “HUMID-EVAC®”, Air Mop® II and Bon Aire are the highest quality waterproofing products and dehumidifiers available. We can reduce the humidity in your home and solve your dust mite problem. As the moisture in your air is removed, dust mites will be unable to multiply and will eventually die. Basement Technologies has the best product on the market to protect your family from dust mites.

Bullseye Basement Technologies offers superior air filtration systems in our “HUMID-EVAC®”, Air Mop® II and Bon Aire - virtually guaranteeing the removal of moisture from your basement while improving the quality of the air you breathe. “HUMID-EVAC®”, Air Mop® II and Bon Aire will improve the health of your family while removing unpleasant odors at the same time. Basement Technologies’ system is so powerful it will remove the smallest dust mite waste and mold spores.

Mold and dust mites cause illness and eliminating moisture from your basement will neutralize these negative factors. Cleaning infested areas of your home is a temporary solution. Long-term solutions are necessary to protect your family. Particles that cause illness are microscopic and must be filtered out of the air. Bullseye Basement Technologies features systems that will promote healthy homes.

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