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Basement Waterproofing

Your home is your most valuable asset…and each home and basement is different. Your foundation may be fieldstone, cement, concrete block or cement walls. All experts agree that the most common water entry points are over the foundation, through the footings, and down the walls resulting in basement leaks, moldy basement, and flooding problems.

Our basement waterproofing technicians are proven, courteous, highly trained professionals. Coupled with our patented sump pump solutions, we provide the best basement water proofing services anywhere – at any price. Honest service and timely repairs using the right equipment -- that’s our promise to you.


  • Basement Waterproofing System

    A basement waterproofing system keeps water from entering your basement. A waterproofing system can be effective if it includes both drainage and sealers. There are three components of basement waterproofing systems: interior sealants, interior water drainage, and exterior waterproofing.

  • Basement Waterproofing Products

    Basement waterproofing products are sometimes patented for a sump pump system. They will pump the water from the basement. There are also polymer-based waterproofing products that have been made. These will last for the lifetime of the building, and they are not affected by soil pH. Polymer-based waterproofing also is good because it has a low enough viscosity that it can be sprayed directly onto a wall.

  • Basement Sump Pump

    Basement sump pumps get rid of water that has built up usually in an area in the basement called a sump pit. The water may get in through the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system. If the basement is below the water table level, rain or natural ground water may seep in.

  • French Drain

    A French drain is a ditch covered with gravel or rock that moves away from your basement. It can have hollow pipes along the bottom which vent water that gets down into the gravel or rock. French drains are a popular drainage systems, and are mostly used to stop water from getting into and damaging your basement.

Our dedicated research and development team has created innovative basement waterproofing solutions such as the Water Grabber® Bull Dog™, Water Trek Aqua Route®, Techni-Crack®, Lawn Magnum®, Baseboard, Floor Grate, Gutter Tamer, and The Alternator® to keep your basement dry as efficiently as possible. No matter what the basement water proofing problem, from basement leaks, to sump pump services, and flooding repair, Bullseye Basement Technologies has the water proofing solution.

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